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Modules with output features incorporate interfaces that can be used to control 3rd party devices.

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    • BRS-001


      PIR, light-level, temperature, humidity, 2x digital input with pulse counting, 2 buttons, 2x LEDs and XRM interface

      £83.00 ex VAT

      (£99.60 inc VAT)

    • ODO-002


      8 general purpose digital outputs for expansion in single pattress format

      £38.00 ex VAT

      (£45.60 inc VAT)

    • QAO-002


      Single Pattress module with 4x 10-bit Analogue outputs (0-10V)

      £40.00 ex VAT

      (£48.00 inc VAT)

    • QTI-001


      5M DIN rail enclosure with 4 x 1A ZC Triac noiseless switching channels, 4 general purpose digital inputs with pulse counting capability and 4 x output state indicator LEDs

      £69.00 ex VAT

      (£82.80 inc VAT)

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