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Add Plug-Ins to your Cortex licence for extra features.

NOTE: Customers with existing Cortex licences can now obtain secondary versions (for use on a backup PC) at 33% of the list price.

    • Alarm Pro W10

      Alarm Pro W10

      Comprehensive Security and Environmental alarm engine, Multiple Alarm types, individual alarm entry codes, annunciations, alerts, and extensive logging.

      £70.00 ex VAT

      (£84.00 inc VAT)

    • Bridge W10

      Bridge W10

      Allows two IDRANets to communicate over LAN or Internet.

      £20.00 ex VAT

      (£24.00 inc VAT)

    • Camera Pro W10

      Camera Pro W10

      Adds support for multiple video cameras and multiple camera source types. Video and still capture, email, upload, motion detection and playback. Supports MJPEG and H.264 IP streams

      £90.00 ex VAT

      (£108.00 inc VAT)

    • Control+ W10

      Control+ W10

      Adds advanced controllers for specialist purposes. Includes Fuzzy Logic and Linear Parametric controllers.

      £40.00 ex VAT

      (£48.00 inc VAT)

    • IOTA-WiFi


      Allows Cortex to communicate directly (via router) with IDRATEK IOTA-WiFi products. Enables Wifi based extensions to a wired IDRATEK system or fully wireless structures

      £30.00 ex VAT

      (£36.00 inc VAT)

    • Mail W10

      Mail W10

      Email services including collection, annunciation, reading, automatic sending and control of Cortex by email.

      £20.00 ex VAT

      (£24.00 inc VAT)

    • Play W10

      Play W10

      Adds audio media control capability for Logitech™ Squeezebox™ products

      £20.00 ex VAT

      (£24.00 inc VAT)

    • Xtend W10

      Xtend W10

      Adds extensibility features to interconnect to the xAP home automation protocol.

      £20.00 ex VAT

      (£24.00 inc VAT)

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