It Does More

The DFP-H02 isn’t just a display device. We’ve incorporated enough features to fully automate the average room:

The DFP-H02 features the following useful functions:

  • Built-in speaker and microphone
    Allowing system generated sounds and speech to guide you though menus, alert you to events, playback messages and support Skype calls. The microphone allows DFP-H02s to operate as an intercom, baby monitor or voice memo recorder.
  • Infra-Red Remote transmit and receive capability
    This allows the DFP-H02 to control devices such as TVs and hifi amplifiers and also for the system to be controlled by your existing remote controls. The DFP-H02 can forward received IR commands on to any other IR module on the IDRANet, providing whole house IR distribution.
  • 15 Programmable Keys
    these can be assigned to any function you want, or used for the typical functions indicated by their labelling.
  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensor
    Support heating, cooling and ventilation control.
  • PIR motion sensor
    Used both for security functions and for presence detection.
  • Active Key Lighting
    The DFP has automatically controlled key backlighting. This can be used for status indication and during menu operation the lighting will indicate the active keys for that menu.
  • 2 Digital inputs
    These are typically used for door closure contacts, but can be used for any external device that provides a contact-closure, such as window sensors, PIRs, smoke alarms etc.
  • Upto 4 relays can be controlled by each DFP
    Our plug-in XRM modules provide the relays and these can be used for any power control application. Usually these are used for lighting circuits, but they are fully assignable to other appliances.
  • Controllable backlight
    the display backlight illumination level is fully controllable and can be set for day and night settings, brighter illumination when a key is pressed or a menu is active and the backlight colour can also be controlled to indicate status information.
  • Configurable display
    The DFP multi-line dot matrix display can be set up to show any desired information and will then change over to display operation menus as required.

As you can see, the DFP-H02 provides most of the functions needed to fully automate the average room in a very cost effective package! Additional IDRANet modules can be used to supplement the DFP-H02, add additional capability or be used as an alternative to the DFP-H02.

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