What We Do

Very simply, we want to make your life simpler, more comfortable and more secure so that you can pay attention to the things that matter in your life.

IDRATEK’s advanced home automation system was designed from the ground up to pull together all of the different devices in the home and bring them under powerful automatic control. Years of research together with a clear vision that remote control was not enough to achieve our goals drove us to develop the revolutionary features that make the IDRATEK system the first commercially available 2nd generation home automation system.

We combine flexible hardware modules with powerful software to provide unparalleled levels of comfort and security, whilst all the time the system works to save energy. Unlike 1st generation systems which merely combine controls onto a single button press, our system intelligently and automatically takes the correct actions to turn on lights or adjust heating, or control any other system, so that your house will simply do the right thing around you without you having to think about it.

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