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Installing IDRATEK

The IDRATEK system is a wired solution with a very flexible architecture making it appropriate for both new build and renovation projects. Many of our modules include built-in power switching allowing “drop-in” replacement of existing switches with just the addition of the IDRANET control cable. Alternatively our range of DIN-mounting units supports a more centralised scheme, typically using “per-floor” distribution panels. And of course you can mix and match approaches to get the best fit for your property.

You can read about some example installations here.

Home Automation Install Partners

Whilst some individuals may undertake installs themselves (see below), for others or for more commercial projects it may prove more appropriate to employ a home automation installer with experience of the system. This can also be helpful for maintenance support. Below are links to some such partners, but you may also contact us for up to date advice on what might best suit your needs and location.


 Hansen & Co (UK) LTD (UK, London area)

 Noble Standard Electrical (UK, NE)

Your Smart Home (UK)

 DANROM (Poland)

Self Installation

Idratek products are designed for easy installation and are within the capabilities of competent DIYers*. Please refer to our guideline documents for more information.

IDRATEK Supported Install

If you need help with your automation project we are here to assist. We can support you with a flexible approach to design, installation and commissioning.


When you know what you want but not how to achieve it we can design the system you need and produce wiring plans for your contractors to work to with a documentation package to guide commissioning.


We can work alongside your existing electrical contractors to install your desired solution. For example your existing contractors can install all primary wiring to the wiring plan, test wiring according to our guideliens and fit or partially fit relevant modules. We can then attend on-site to support completion and final commissioning of hardware and software.


To get you up and running quickly we can produce the initial Cortex configuration off site to match your requirements.

Contact us to discuss your project.

*Local codes and regulations may apply to electrical installations. Please check with the appropriate authority.