your imagination is the only limit

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So what can you achieve using the IDRATEK system? It’s a bit like asking ‘what can the Internet do?’.

Most people are familiar with traditional application areas such as lighting, climate control, security, etc. So in the adjacent sections we have outlined just some of the ways IDRATEK intelligent automation can benefit you, but you’ll soon discover that our technology offers many new and exciting possibilities.

We pride ourselves on practical and intelligent functionality… lights come on automatically as you enter a room, heating automatically switches over to settings for an occupied room — and they don’t switch off if you sit motionless for half an hour… If you leave home but forget to set the security alarm, you can of course do this later via the internet or by phone, but our system goes one better — it’ll do it automatically anyway.

If all you want is to improve lighting and heating or air conditioning control, then the modular nature of our system will allow just that. But why stop there?

In truth the enormous flexibility and integration of the system allows you to create all manner of automation applications … limited only by imagination.