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Burglar breaking into bedroom with people sleeping

Everyone wants their home to be secure, both when they are at home and away. IDRATEK’s advanced solution provides effective security with unparalleled ease of use:

I need a good alarm system

Ours is just that and more: we support a full range of sensors, including motion detectors, door and window contacts, glass break, beam detectors and even gas detectors!

I’d like to know my alarm has triggered even when I’m not at home

The IDRATEK system offers telephone, email, SMS and Internet access so the system can contact you automatically if triggered allowing you to check it out and arrange a response.

I’d like to protect the rest of my home when I’m in my home office

With our system it is easy to define zones and protect defined zones automatically when they are empty. Ideal for night times when you are upstairs and also operates during the day. You can easily add a ‘safe’ route through this to allow the kids to come home after a night out.

I’m worried I’ll forget to set the alarm

No problem, our system will automatically arm itself if you forget.

I would like to install CCTV cameras

We support the addition of cameras allowing recording of footage, emailing images on motion triggering and many other such features. We’ve captured nature inside our homes on many occasions!

I have a large property and grounds, will the system handle this?

Yes. Many clients have such properties and we are often asked the same question. By extending the network into these buildings or locations, you can fit the appropriate hardware and sensors. One client uses cameras and PIRs to monitor his light aircraft housed in a remote barn!

I’d like to know when people come into the house

Many people like to have audible alerts when external doors are opened to give a sense of any comings and goings. With our system any doors can trigger sounds or messages and these can be played anywhere in the house so you are always aware of what is going on.

I keep setting the alarm off by accident when I get up in the morning

It’s very easy to forget to disarm conventional alarms in the morning and then annoy the neighbours. That’s why our system understands which patterns of movement through your home are acceptable and automatically disarms the alarm.

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