Telephone cable plugged into a modem

Add a suitable voice modem to your Cortex computer and you don’t only get a full-featured answering machine, you also get the extra benefits of IDRATEK integration, with telephony features accessible and utilised by many other IDRANet enabled devices.

Answering Machine

  • Presence-aware answering machine
  • Supports multiple voicemail boxes
  • Configurable outgoing greeting message, including both speech synthesis and pre-recorded messages
  • Recorded messages can be heard on any panel and playback can be manual or automatic. For example, hear your messages when returning to the house
  • Recorded messages accessible via the Internet through the built-in web server
  • Recorded messages can be automatically emailed to any email address
  • Integrated to CallerID features


  • CallerID supported (requires compatible line service and modem).
  • Callers can be recognised and announced automatically
  • Callers can be screened automatically
  • Answerphone greetings can be customised to specific caller numbers
  • Recorded messages can be directed to specific voicemail boxes based on CallerID, including multiple boxes


  • Automated dialling of telephone numbers in response to most events
  • Preset messages can be delivered
  • Additional status information can be delivered, for example alarm status or house occupancy
  • Allows breakout into remote control mode so you can then control your system over the phone

Remote Access and Control

  • User-defined menus can be defined to control IDRANet connected devices and appliances. Cortex can automatically set-up default menus as a starting point.
  • User defined menus can be operated using telephone touch-tone keypad
  • Speech recognition based command and control via telephone supported with compatible Speech Recognition software

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