Speech Synthesis

Oscilloscope display of speech waveform

Using speech synthesis the IDRATEK system can provide accurate, timely and relevant information, whether that’s alert and status information or spoken menus that you can operate from your armchair or over the telephone.

  • Speech synthesis is supported through widely-available SAPI compliant speech synthesis engines (including Microsoft Windows built-in engines).
  • Alternate voices are easily added and configured
  • Synthesised speech can be sent to intercom panels or connected telephone or Skype calls.
  • Speech synthesis allows up-to-date status information to be provided
  • Speech synthesis can be used to provide guided instructions for system operation
  • Emails can be read out over intercom panels or telephone and Skype calls
  • Spoken menu prompts allow the system to be operated with an IR remote control at a distance from panels — so you can change settings from your armchair

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