Infra-Red Remote Control


IDRANet provides extensive IR remote control support, with learning capabilities that allows you to control your automation system from your armchair and your automation system to control your TV and other devices.

  • Learns codes from most common IR remote control handsets
  • Learned codes can be managed as “virtual handsets” and saved or loaded from files
  • IR transmitter modules can generate any learnt code
  • Relaying capability can provide “IR extender” function between any IR modules, allowing control of a device in one room from another room.
  • Reception of learnt codes can trigger other events, including generation of other IR codes creating a “translation” function and “grouped” control. For example, the on button on a DVD remote can be recognised and the TV and AV/surround sound system turned on and set to the desired mode.
  • Reception of learned codes can be used to control other IDRANet connected appliances, for example TV On button can set lighting dim level and close blinds.
  • Existing IR remotes can be used to control user defined menus spoken from IDRANet panels.

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