IDRANet Bridge


The IDRANet Bridge is a unique feature that allows two or more IDRANet installations in different locations to operate as if they were a single location. This feature is very useful for holiday homes or monitoring commercial property.

  • Allows two or more different IDRANet installations to be connected over a network or the Internet so that the two installations can interact
  • For example — water leak detectors in a holiday home can be monitored and a detected leak can be announced over intercom panels in your main home, as an alternative or in addition to SMS/email or telephone alerts.
  • Or a light switch in your home can directly control lighting in your office
  • Remote IDRANet items shared over the bridge can be integrated as if they were local
  • Remote item status can be examined with the local Cortex GUI
  • Remote items can be controlled directly from the local Cortex GUI
  • Camera images may be shared

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