Extensibility and Interfacing


The IDRATEK system provides extensive integration capabilities and we continue to expand both the scope of our solution and the module range that underpins it. For customers who want the ultimate in integrated automated control we also provide several means to extend and customise the IDRATEK solution.

  • X10 powerline control supported with Cortex integrated control
  • Rako lighting control systems are supported and integrated into Cortex control scheme
  • Control of Logitech Squeezebox network audio players is supported
  • xPL home automation networks protocol is supported
  • xAP home automation network protocol is supported
  • Cortex API allows 3rd party programs to interface to Cortex internal message and event system
  • Module range includes digital and analogue input and output interfaces with flexible configuration and handling in Cortex, including scaling, thresholding and data logging.

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