DFP speaker grille

With a dedicated speech-oriented audio channel built into the system, IDRATEK adds a new dimension to home and building automation.

  • Intercom allows any panel to be used to call to specific panels or broadcast to all panels
  • Hands-free communication is supported, great for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Intercoms can be set to monitoring mode for baby monitoring or similar purposes
  • Individual panels can be shutdown to avoid disturbance, for example at night time
  • Intercom panels can be used for telephone and Skype calls
  • System generated sounds, tunes and annunciations can be played from any panel, for example, sounds linked to external doors opening, or hourly clock chimes as well as alert messages
  • User recorded messages and reminders or answerphone messages can be played back
  • Speech synthesis allows the system to provide useful status information and also guide you through operational menus
  • Panel microphones can be used for speech recognition based control
  • Automatic feedback prevention is included to prevent “howl-round” between adjacent intercoms

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