Cortex Software

Download the Cortex Installer (65.15 MB). This is a fully-functional version that will provide access to all features for 30 days and then revert to limited functionality. Upgrading to full functionality does not require a new download or install, just purchase the appropriate licence keys from Idratek. Licenced Cortex versions include automatic updates downloaded over the Internet. Before installation please contact us to obtain an install key. The <a rel=“nofollow” title=“Download version 0.1 of InstallationGuide.pdf” onclick=“if (window.urchinTracker) urchinTracker (‘” );” href=“”>Installation Guide explains how to install Cortex. If you are installing on Windows 7 or 8 then please read this first: Windows 7/8 Install Guide Note: Cortex should not be installed on Windows 10 at the present time The Release Notes outlines new features and additions for the latest Cortex release. In case of any difficulties with installing the latest version of Cortex the previous version can be found here: Cortex Installer (61.11 MB).

Microsoft SAPI5 Speech Engines

For speech synthesis and recognition in Cortex V25, SAPI5 speech engines are required. MS Mike & Mary SAPI5 engines can be installed if suitable engines do not already exist on your system.

PCU-001 Drivers

Before connecting a PCU-001 module to your PC for the first time, please download, unzip, and execute the following driver setup file:

Experimental Android Apps

Provided as is and with no warranties implied or otherwise. Typically advertised via customer mailing lists but feel free to contact us with any queries. () — Connects to Cortex Notice Board object. Allows use of low cost Android tablets to act as Cortex information displays. (Note: requires Cortex Mobile license) A user guide for the above can be found here: Notice Board App guide

Notice Board Plus (345.65 KB) — As above but now includes Cortex mobile browser.
(Notes: Browser target URL is the same as that of the notice board. Browser mode accessed by long click on time label. Return to notice board display using Android ‘back’ navigation button. Night colours mode toggled by clicking on empty message line. Battery % now displayed in date/time bar)