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Remote Access

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Even when you are away, an IDRATEK solution will carry on automating your house, maintaining lower temperatures, checking security and making the house look occupied. And we’ve also covered the bases on remote access just in case:

I just want to check something for peace of mind whilst I’m away

Going away can be stressful and many customers want to be able to “check-in” and get a quick indicator that everything is fine at home. With our integrated web server accessible from both PCs and mobile devices you can check the status and also control devices remotely.

I want to manage my holiday home remotely

One of our customers uses our system to manage his holiday home between rentals. With remote access allowing meter readings, checking of fuel and water levels and even locking or unlocking doors, he has saved himself multiple 6-hour round-trips and saw a return from his investment in 3 months.

I’ve forgotten to water the plants before going away

We all forget things some times and if you don’t have full automation the remote access capability allows you to control things remotely or override any automated settings.

I want to get home to a warm house

Our system can automatically save you money when you are away by reducing heating levels. If you forgot to set your return date you can access the system from the airport and make sure everything is cosy when you get home.

I can’t get to the Internet but I need to check something

Our remote access solution includes support for standard landlines: ring home, go through the menu using the touch-tone keys on your phone and the system will speak back to you. We also support remote control via email.

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