Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning


The IDRATEK system offers powerful and very flexible control of central heating, local heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.  We can integrate almost any type of system to improve comfort, save energy and provide a host of convenience features.

  • Flexible approach allows virtually any system configuration to be enhanced by automated control
  • Multiple heat or cooling sources, booster heaters, multiple zones, local heating and cooling such as wall fans can all be included and controlled.
  • Multiple temperature sensors per zone can be used to improve comfort
  • Load building to increase boiler or A/C efficiency and prevent short cycling
  • Time of day and day of week thermostat settings allowing temperature to be matched to lifestyle whilst saving energy
  • Thermostat profiles per room or per zone for energy efficient control
  • Separate profiles for occupied and unoccupied rooms automatically selected based on presence information
  • Automatic compensation for outside temperature to improve comfort and efficiency
  • Automatic fallback to lower temperature settings, for example, when on holiday
  • Support for ventilation control such as extraction based on time, presence, humidity or other triggers
  • Energy analysis tool allows analysis of heating and lighting usage

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