Floorplan showing presence indicated

Accurate presence detection is essential to make real automation possible. It is important that people entering a room are rapidly detected for applications like automated lighting, and it is also important to determine when rooms are empty so that lights can be turned off and energy efficiency measures taken, such as reducing heating. Many systems rely on motion detectors but these can prove inadequate, falsely indicating empty rooms when people have simply remained motionless, perhaps watching a film or having a nap. Our system provides much more accurate tracking through our innovative algorithms and integrated approach.

  • Innovative presence detection system provides much more accurate presence detection than standalone motion-based presence detectors
  • Presence can be tracked between rooms and determine both occupied and empty rooms
  • The number of people in the property can be calculated, as well as location
  • Accurate presence detection can be used to trigger or influence virtually any other function on Cortex, providing a truly responsive automation system.
  • Presence information is indicated on the animated floorplan

Good presence detection becomes pervasive in the IDRATEK approach, with presence information being capable of being linked to almost any other part of the system. We’ve mentioned obvious applications in lighting and heating control, and you can go much further. For example, open bedroom curtains in the morning only when the bedroom becomes empty, provide additional door bell indication in occupied rooms or deliver your answer machine messages when you return to your house.

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