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The IDRATEK system provides an incredibly rich set of features* to allow an automation scheme tailored to your needs and lifestyle. We believe that our solution goes further than any other to enhance the comfort of your home, provide greater security and save energy whilst disappearing into the background so that you can simply enjoy the activities that are important to you.

The following sections give an outline of the IDRATEK system features:



Integration & Extension

User Interface

  • Intercom
    Whole house intercom and system messaging
  • Speech Synthesis
    System generated speech provides convenient occupant feedback
  • Speech Recognition
    Optional speech recognition support
  • Floorplan
    Animated floorplan shows at a glance status and makes configuration easy
  • Calendar
    Schedule events and reminders
  • User Configuration
    Simple point and click configuration combined with features for advanced users

Communications & Remote Access




  • Miscellaneous
    Even more things we didn’t fit in the above sections!


  • IDRANet Protocol
    Unique features of the IDRANet protocol
  • Reflex
    Our unique masterless distributed automation technology

* Features available depend on Cortex licence options purchased.