Internet Access and Web Server

Cortex web server

The IDRATEK solution includes a built-in in web server that can enable Internet access to virtually any device or item under IDRANet control. Flexible access controls make it easy to provide secure access from the Internet and provide easy access from web devices inside your property on your local network.

  • Built-in Web Server allows access locally or from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox
  • Virtually any IDRANet function or connected appliance can be viewed or controlled
  • HTTP and HTTPS secured access is supported
  • Supports multiple user access, secured by individual user names and passwords, with configurable viewing or control privileges
  • Normal, PDA and Mobile phone presentation styles available as standard
  • View / control privileges can be set on a per user or per item basis
  • Further restrictions on time of day, IP address, or occupancy, can be set
  • Access attempts can be announced over the intercoms
  • IDRANet function and connected appliance status, controls and history data are all accessible
  • Camera images, snapshots, video clips, can be viewed
  • Emails collected by Cortex can be viewed and read
  • Recorded message list can be viewed and messages selected and played

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