CCTV and Camera Monitoring

CCTV camera

IDRATEK Cortex supports video camera monitoring eliminating the need for a separate system. With our integrated approach you get even more benefits from your cameras, including very flexible triggering, capture and notification.

  • Supports many camera models through direct connection to a suitable capture card, USB “webcams” and IP-based cameras
  • Multiple cameras and capture cards supported
  • Video and still image capture
  • Pre-trigger buffer to allow capture of stills or video from before and after a trigger event
  • Image motion detection capability with configurable sensitivity and masking
  • Supports network streaming of live video
  • Disc space management with automatic purging of old footage
  • Configurable information overlays on captured footage including Camera name, date and time and related status, such as a door or alarm.
  • Very flexible triggering from any other Cortex sensor such as doors, windows or motion sensors.
  • Captured video and stills can be emailed automatically or viewed with the web server
  • Intercom panels can be used as a sound source for video capture when cameras don’t have built in microphones

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