Partial image of an email program

Our integrated email support can handle both outgoing email and incoming email. Emails can be sent by the system in response to almost any event, including forwarding telephone messages or captured video files or simple alerts and warnings. Incoming email handling can be used to control any IDRANet connected device or to provide additional management of your emails, such as indication of new email arrival or hearing emails read out over the system intercom.

  • Supports integration to external MAPI-compliant email application such as Microsoft Outlook
  • Supports direct access to email servers using POP and SMTP for email collection and sending
  • New emails can be announced on arrival or linked to presence
  • Using direct access emails can be steered to personal “mailboxes” which are accessible over the web
  • Emails can be sent by the system in response to almost any event and can contain live status information. For example, send an email on alarm trigger with current occupancy status, zone triggers and attached camera images.
  • Emails can be sent to the system to perform control tasks with password protection

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