water meter with cover open showing dial

In addition to our standard data logging from IDRANet modules, we have added in a special capability dedicated to monitoring any kind of meter with a pulse output. Many modern utility meters include such an output and this allows consumption to be monitored and integrated into your automation scheme. As well as utility meters, flow transducers with pulse outputs are available and these can be used for other purposes, such as monitoring oil flow for oil-fired boilers.

  • Supports monitoring  utility meters with pulse outputs using suitable IDRANet modules
  • Example usage includes monitoring electricity usage, water, gas or oil flow or even rainfall and windspeed.
  • Different metered units and utility types are supported e.g. Watt hours, Kilowatt Hours, Litres, Gallons, Cubic feet and Cubic Metres
  • Rate (e.g. kW) as well as cumulative consumption (e.g. kWh) can be calculated
  • Consumption costs are calculated automatically by setting the price per unit
  • Outputs from multiple meters can be consolidated into one overall result, for example: monitor power consumption on different circuits and create a overall monitor
  • Rate, periodic consumption, cumulative consumption, periodic cost and cumulative cost can all be graphed
  • Graphs can be viewed using the built-in web server
  • Status from any measurement can be used in emails or SMS messages or read out  over Intercom panels or the telephone
  • Multiple user-definable thresholds can be set on consumption rate and used to trigger events, for example provide a warning message if consumption exceeds a certain level.

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