Data Logging And Analysis

example of Cortex graph

Our system continuously records the information on status and activity from all IDRANet enabled devices. This history data is stored in a compact form and easily accessible for review. This capability has myriad uses, including optimisation of system settings but our customers have surprised even us with some of the uses they have found for the data.

  • The IDRATEK system automatically records information from all IDRANet connected devices
  • Examples of recorded history data include:
    • Temperature and light level measurements
    • Heating demands and zone valve operation
    • Set point temperature demand
    • Motion detection and movement tracking
    • Telephone and alarm activity
    • Lighting and appliance on and off periods
  • History data can be viewed as graphs plotted for configurable time periods
  • History data can be viewed as a textual list
  • Graphs and history data may be viewed via the Cortex Web Server
  • Easy to compare environmental conditions on different days
  • History of the whole system operation can be “re-played” in the animated floorplan
  • Graphical Analysis tool allows data to be plotted in various ways, allowing comparison of different IDRANet functions, comparison of similar functions over different time periods or plotting of related functions.

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