Cortex animated floorplan

We want our system to be easy to use so we’ve based the Cortex interface around an animated floorplan view. This is completely configurable and you can show as much or as little information as you wish. With a choice of icon sizes the floorplan view can be used for a wall mounted touchscreen control or operated using a normal computer screen and mouse.

  • A simple yet powerful graphical user interface showing floors, rooms, outbuildings or even multiple properties as a floorplan view
  • Animated icons represent integrated and connected services, such as doors, windows, boilers, thermostats, appliances, lighting etc.
  • Icons offer point and click configuration and support touchscreen usage
  • Floorplan icons can be connected to other icons to create desired automation behaviours without the need for complex programming or scripting.
  • Live status can be displayed on the floorplan, for example temperature readings, current light level, lighting status, alarm status etc.
  • Floors and rooms may be coloured to user choice to match decor or for easy recognition of rooms
  • Configurable “layers” allow different icons to be displayed easily to allow for an uncluttered floorplan whilst making other functions easily accessible
  • Camera images and video can be incorporated into the display

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