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Heating & Air Conditioning

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Temperature is a major factor in the comfort of any home as well as being one of the largest uses of energy with consequent impact on your utility bills. Even today, most homes have poorly designed controls and waste energy as well as being less comfortable than they could be. IDRATEK automation can perform a much better job of setting and controlling temperature levels, here’s some examples:

I’m sick of adjusting the thermostat all the time

IDRATEK’s system accurately tracks temperatures in as many areas as you wish, constantly taking readings and deciding how best to keep you comfortable without you having to adjust anything. Every area or ‘zone’ can have its own unique settings for any day of the week or time of day. This can also be the perfect solution to that problem of rooms being too hot or cold and even for individual’s different preferences.

I don’t want to heat empty rooms

And why should you? Heating is, after all, one of the biggest energy costs in the average home. With Cortex’s climate control features, you can set up any number of zones which can automatically ‘fallback’ to lower temperatures when empty. This is an excellent way of lowering the heating to areas which are not used.

It’s 21 degrees in here, why do I feel cold?

Experience shows us that perception is also an extremely important factor to comfort. By incorporating outside sensors, Cortex can adjust for variations in weather and this keeps your environment at the level you want. It is even possible to compensate for extreme weather in rooms which are more exposed.

I want to boost the heating slightly

Of course … but why not do it from the comfort of your armchair using any infra-red remote control handset and IDRANet compatible modules?

I have an old boiler

Which can be expensive to replace. By ensuring your heating does not fast-cycle you can extend its life and reduce your energy consumption too. And when the time comes for replacement, IDRATEK controls are easy to apply to your new system.

Can I control air conditioners?

Yes! You can control air-conditioning with all the capabilities to set individual zones, achieve automatic fallbacks and match temperature settings to your lifestyle we’ve mentioned above. In fact, our controls are designed to handle homes that have both heating and air conditioning for extreme weather.

I want to use renewable sources

Our system can be used to combine all kinds of heat sources including Solar and Ground Source Heating. The inherent flexibility of our approach means we haven’t yet met a system we can’t control. Thermal stores, electric heating, underfloor heating, subsidiary and boost heating, wet radiators — you name it, we reckon we can do it!

My ventilation fans run at night and wake me up

With IDRATEK control you can easily set a fan to come on after you have left a room but not at night. Not only that, but our humidity sensors built into many modules allows much more accurate control of bathroom or kitchen fans. By running fans only when they are needed, your fans will last longer and you can save noise and energy. And your fans won’t run every time it rains outside!

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