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Energy Efficiency

Partial image of electricity meter dials

IDRATEK automation offers a host of ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home and building. Better heating or cooling control can significantly reduce wasted energy and it’s also easy to understand how automated lighting can save energy whilst also improving convenience. The great benefit of our integrated approach is how these and other changes can pull together to save even more energy.

I would love to reduce my energy bills

And there are many ways an IDRATEK solution can help you do this. Automating your lighting and having better heating control can have significant benefits by not wasting energy. And you can go further, IDRATEK can integrate to many domestic energy meters allowing the system to track energy usage over long periods of time. Since the system also logs temperature readings this can make it easy to look for other savings.

We are planning to use alternative energy sources in our new build

No problem — IDRATEK have proved our technology works well with many alternative energy technologies, using these as supplemental heat and energy sources. Many clients have designed their system around their choice of technology (ASHP/GSHP/Solar) and we have added control features within Cortex allowing them to use them optimally.

I’ve got an energy monitor and seem to use loads of energy even at night

Firstly, with an IDRATEK solution you won’t need a separate energy monitor anymore, and since we log data continuously it’s a lot easier to analyse what’s going on. Many people are discovering that a surprising amount of power is used up by electronic gadgets that have poor standby modes. With our power control devices it’s easy to incorporate sensible automation, turning “energy vampires” off at night or when you are out and they are not needed.

I want to live a greener life

We can help. As you can see from the above, there’s direct ways that automated control can save energy. Our deep logging capability helps identify waste and fine-tune energy usage. By integrating separate control systems into one with our solution you reduce duplication, saving money and energy as well as getting better control. And we can also help support other green solutions including managing rainwater harvesting systems, whether for irrigation or domestic usage or integrated control of alternative energy sources. We can even automatically remind you to put out the recycling bins!

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