We’ve got the solutions to not only automate your lighting, with the convenience and energy saving benefits that go with it, but also to help designer lighting schemes make a real difference to the comfort and mood of your home. And we haven’t forgotten the security benefits of realistic occupancy simulation either.

  • Lights can be manual or automated with manual override
  • Light automation can be based on any combination of presence, internal and external light level and time of day or additionally triggered from other events
  • Automatic realistic occupancy simulation for intruder deterrence
  • Presence tracking can turn lighting off to save energy
  • Flexible configuration allows lighting to match your lifestyle — switches need never be pressed
  • Dimmable lighting supported with dimmer modules
  • Flexible automated control of dim level
  • Coordinated “mood” or “scene” lighting easily configured, including static “scenes” and scenes that automatic adjust dim levels through the day, for example allowing “sunrise” and “sunset” simulations
  • Scenes can be triggered and swapped by other objects, for example: TV remote “On” detection can switch lighting to “TV scene”.
  • Grouped and sequenced controls allows for “master” controls such as single button “All-On/All-Off” or sequencing through different lighting patterns on a single control.
  • Lighting can be controlled by other services, for example, external lighting can be turned on in response to alarm triggering, or internal lights can be turned on if a smoke alarm is detected.

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