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Assisted Living

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We are proud of our system’s abilities to help people with special needs lead independent lives at the same time provide peace of mind for their relatives. Because of the flexibility and extensibility of our system approach we can integrate many aids such as door and window openers, bath filling mechanisms and fall detectors and provide an extended capability that is otherwise difficult to achieve. Here’s just a few examples:

Help with visual impairments

The IDRATEK system includes a built-in audio system that allows the system to speak messages and information. This can be used to provide both alerts and alarms and also to guide the user through menus to change settings or check status.

Help with auditory impairments

The flexibility of the IDRATEK approach makes it easy to translate normally audible information into visual signals. A common example is a doorbell or phone ringing. Our system can “translate” this into a suitable visual signal, such as flashing lights or pausing the TV, or provide additional louder audio signals.

Help with mobility

Automation is a key aid and by that we mean automation and not simply remote control. Sensing approach to a door and then automatically opening it without any interaction provides a huge benefit to a scenario many take for granted. The same can be done for lighting and in fact any other device you wish to control.

The need to move around can also be reduced by allowing control of the system and connected devices from a comfortable position using either dedicated handsets or spare buttons on existing controllers. The IDRATEK system includes IR remote capabilities that work throughout your home.

Help with forgetfulness

Forgetting medication can be a real problem for those with more serious conditions and complicated medication regimes. The IDRATEK system includes a calendar which can provide spoken reminders and can be set up to keep reminding until you press a button to confirm. This has proven very useful for suffers of illnesses associated with memory function. It is also possible to send alerts to carers by email or SMS if reminders are ignored.

Peace of mind

Combining remote access and security features can provide re-assurance that a loved one or older person is well. It is easy to unobtrusively check movement and activity monitoring from anywhere outside the home. The system can also be used to monitor that care worker visits are taking place as expected to ensure the proper care is being provided.

Summoning Help

The IDRATEK system provides simple methods to integrate panic buttons, fall detectors or nurse call alarms. These can be configured to generate any event you wish: phone call, email, text message or flashing external lighting to attract attention.

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