Security and Alarms

PIR sensor in corner of a room

The IDRATEK system offers a rich range of security features with the additional intelligence and convenience that only our Smart Automation can provide.

  • Comprehensive security alarm system with features enhancing both security and ease of use
  • Supports wide variety of sensors and detectors including IDRANet motion detectors, door and window contacts, glass-break detectors and external PIR sensors.
  • Flexible false alarm filtering to handle situations such as curtain motion from air currents or letters being delivered.
  • Supports wide variety of alarm sounders and annunciators such as external bells or sirens as well as internal indication from intercom panels
  • Zoned protection
  • Automatic arming at night when going to bed and disarming in the morning or when moving around at night, for example, to go to the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Automatic arming if house is left unoccupied for extended period of time
  • Alarm triggering can be linked to other Cortex features, for example the system can dial a telephone number, send an SMS text message or an email.
  • Supports “Panic” buttons on any panel or with external buttons or wireless “fobs”
  • Supports “Danger/Duress” alarm codes
  • Pet mode allows separate sensor configuration when pets are present and maximum security setting when they are not.
  • Boundary protection mode detects intrusion when windows and doors are opened from the outside whilst you are inside the property
  • Doors and windows can cause system generated alert sounds so that you are aware of movement in your house.
  • Camera images or video clips can be taken and emailed on alarm trigger
  • Arming can be linked to a boundary check, for example to check all appropriate doors and windows are closed.
  • Separate building protection is supported for protection of garages, outhouses and other buildings.
  • Connects to external fire or smoke detector systems to enhance these with additional actions such as automatic lighting or notification
  • Tamper protection

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