Motor Control: Doors, Blinds, Screens and more


Motorised devices such as garage doors, shutters and curtains can provide greater security, save energy and much improved convenience.

With the IDRATEK approach it’s a cinch to integrate almost any kind of motorised device into your automation solution. Cortex understands the common motor wiring schemes and controls an IDRANet relay module to drive the motor appropriately. As you would expect, virtually any other device or event can trigger the desired motion. A choice of icons for the floorplan are provided to represent commonly motorised devices such as curtains, blinds, shutters, projection screens, windows and skylights, doors and gates.

  • Flexible options for controlling directional motorised devices such as curtains, blinds, projector screens, gate, door and window openers.
  • Allows IDRANet relay modules to control motor direction and movement
  • Handles common types of motor control scheme and connections
  • Supports motion limit switches or timing based control
  • Supports partial opening or closing
  • Choice of animated icons to represent connected device on floorplan

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