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Lighting has always been one of the most important technologies in the home and with IDRATEK Intelligent Automation that trend continues. We’ve developed our lighting control to make your home more comfortable and save energy and here are just a few examples how we can help:

My kids keep leaving the lights on!

A very common request from our customers. Because our smarter automation turns lights off when a room or area is empty you can save energy and avoid arguments!

I just want to relax

With our system you can have lights dim to different levels automatically depending on what you are doing — ideal to “set the scene”, whether you are watching a movie or enjoying a romantic meal.

I want the house to look occupied

Feeling secure is something everyone wants and with IDRATEK’s advanced automation your home can appear occupied when you are out by switching lights on and off in a realistic way. This vastly improves on the simple on/off plug in timer that can be easily identified by burglars.

I’m tired of putting things down to turn on lights

With IDRATEK’s innovative approach to presence tracking, lights will come on ahead of you and turn off behind you. No need to turn light switches on with your nose or elbow!

I keep forgetting to turn the lights on before going up stairs

Again, with IDRATEK automated lighting this need never be a problem again. It’s also easy to configure 2-way, 3-way or “any-way” light switching or “master switches”.

I’d like all the lights to come on if there’s a smoke alarm

It’s easy to integrate other sensors, such as smoke alarms, into our system and these can then trigger all the lighting to come on if there is an alarm condition.

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