Installation Tools

Adjustable Spanner (wrench)

With our powerful automation solution comes a comprehensive set of tools to support rapid installation and configuration, problem diagnosis and ongoing updates.

  • IDRANet modules are configured through a “plug and play” process when first connected to the network, setting addresses and creating icons on the floorplan
  • System configuration database can be pre-built or created as IDRANet modules are added
  • Flexible permissions system to prevent accidental or deliberate changes to the IDRANet system configuration
  • Cortex can be updated over the Internet and updates can be automatically scheduled or notified and manually applied
  • Automated support request facility
  • System keeps diagnostic logs of network traffic with configurable filtering
  • System monitor manages network and automatically handles detected fault conditions
  • Reflex tool allows auto-generation of fall-back Reflex behaviour and programming of IDRANet modules
  • Built-in tools for custom Reflex programming
  • Node Profiler tool for examining individual IDRANet modules

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