Flowchart diagram of a computer algorithm

IDRATEK modules possess a very powerful feature known as ‘Reflex’ behaviour. This allows modules to react automatically to certain events. The reaction can take the form of sending command or information packets to the network and/or executing internal commands. The key benefits of this feature are listed below:

  • Modules are ‘intelligent’ as each is capable controlling itself and others
  • Reaction to events depends on the module e.g. a digital input can trigger a packet on a change of state, but local decision logic is also possible
  • Modules can monitor multiple events and generate a Reflex packet for each e.g. the MFP units can generate responses to upwards of 40 different events
  • Allows creation of truly non-centralised (masterless) control structures
  • Centralised control, such as CORTEX, can delegate certain tasks for efficiency
  • Information is sent only on events so avoiding inefficient polling schemes
  • If a central controller fails, the system can fall-back to an entirely Reflex control mode, so ensuring that essential functionality remains available

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