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WiFi connected In-line (no neutral) Dimmer and Sensory module. Replaces a conventional light switch to easily retro-fit essential elements for the creation of wider automation and monitoring functions

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The MSD-W01 is an IDRANet Over The Air – WiFi enabled Dimmer and Sensory module designed for ‘no neutral’ in-line operation. This means it can be used in place of a single conventional light switch without any wiring modifications. The only requirement is that the associated lighting circuit should be comprised of dimmable LED lamps or incandescent lamps within the total stated wattage limits. The module not only provides a convenient way to retro-fit remotely accessible dimming capabilities into existing lighting circuits but, more importantly,  provides multiple sensors essential for the implementation of wider home automation features. In common with other IDRATEK modules, on board device functions and operational parameters are readily accessible for use by other networked devices and software. The module also provides other methods of communication, allowing 3rd party software access.

A datasheet for the SRM-W01 is available here.

Product Specifications

Single pattress box
Recommended Box Depth:
25mm min
Motion, Light Level, Temperature, Relative Humidity
Dimmer Channels:
Dimmer Rating:
7-125W @240Vac (resistive or LED)
2.4GHz WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Programmable Buttons:
Programmable LEDs:

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