Case Study 8 - Eco Home

Case Study 8 — Eco Home


This installation was carried out during major refurbishment of a 5 bedroom house. The emphasis of the refurbishment was to transform an energy sapping 1960’s structure into one of the greenest homes in the area, whilst  providing it with a major facelift and adding the most advanced in automation technology. Green features that were incorporated as part of the project included rainwater harvesting, high specification insulation and glazing, heat pumps, solar collectors, PV, heat recovery ventilation and thermal stores.

The IDRATEK system was central to the active energy management features within this property, which of course included fully zoned heating with automatically adjusted settings based on room occupancies, outside conditions, time of day and other factors. Also implemented were perhaps less obvious features such as actively circulating hot water to bathrooms when they were occupied and managing the thermal store and co-ordination of the energy sources and their hardware.

With 84 lighting circuits to manage, the uniquely intelligent features of the IDRATEK system not only provide convenience but, because of the system’s true occupancy measuring capability, make a significant contribution to energy efficiency.

Numerous sensors, cameras and annunciations via IDRATEK panel units provide a high level of security both when the property is vacant and also when it is occupied. For example the system provides various sounds indicating different doors opening and can raise an alert if a window is opened in a room which is sensed to be unoccupied.

Ability to access detailed information and control any aspect of the system from a smart phone or tablet makes for improved convenience and peace of mind when away from home.

Install statistics (across main house and outbuilding):

  • 84x lighting circuits
  • 16x independently controlled heating zones
  • Boiler controls (for 2 Boilers)
  • Thermal store sensors and pump/valve controls
  • Heat pump management
  • Heat recovery ventilation controls
  • Extractor fan control
  • Temperature, light level, humidity and motion sensing in all rooms and external to property (includes 46 PIR sensors, 29 temperature and humidity sensors, 32 light level sensors)
  • Door state sensing to all rooms
  • Window sensing
  • Alarm box and strobe
  • Security cameras
  • Electronic door locks
  • Cortex core software with full option suite

Cortex reported stats:

Total objects = 680
Network objects = 457
Idratek modules = 70


A short video clip about this property can be found here. Please note that this was commisioned by the developer and not by IDRATEK.

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