Case Study 1 - Our Earliest Installation

Case Study 1 — Our Earliest Installation

Case Study 2

A large new property of over 300 sqm completed in the year 2000 was pre-wired to accept the IDRATEK network. In 2001 one of the first Idratek networks was installed which provided full control of heating, lighting and security.

Twelve separate heating zones are managed by IDRANet/Cortex. This allows infrequently used rooms to automatically fallback to a lower temperature to save on heating bills.

One feature the client particularly likes is the ability for different audio chimes to be played around the home in response to different external doors being opened or closed. This enables the occupants to remain aware of such activity despite the property size, improving the sense of security in the property. Similarly the door bell chime is played around the property so that it can be heard everywhere and callers are not missed. Although such features might be considered trivial to some, it should be noted that they become automatically available for no extra cost as a result of the integrated structure of the IDRANet system.

Cortex historical data from this installation has shown the advantage gained with the independently controlled heat zones and the sophisticated control available with IDRANet/Cortex, with noticeable differences in heating demand between the North and South facing sides of the property.

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Installed Hardware

MFP-002 (18 off)
DRB-002 (8 off)
PCA-001 (1 off)
Cortex (1 off)

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