Case Study 4 - Stone Built Cottage Retrofit

Case Study 4 — Stone Built Cottage Retrofit

Case Study 5

The project was a multistage retrofit to a 150 year old stone built cottage.

The initial focus was for whole house lighting control using IDRANet/Cortex presence tracking. This was later supplemented by adding zone-based heating controls to the existing heating system with subsequent improvements in user comfort and reductions in energy usage.

The client had particular issues with damp and condensation in the property which required the addition of various ventilation fans. By using IDRANet/Cortex control the client was able to control the condensation whilst minimising the run-time of the fans, reducing heat loss and also noise disturbance.

Finally, media control was provided using IDRATEKs extensive range of modules with infrared capability. In time, additional ad hoc applications have arisen and subsequently been implemented.

The client has detailed the whole experience in a web log which can be read by clicking on the link here.

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