Case Study 3 - Holiday Home, Cape Cod

Case Study 3 — Holiday Home, Cape Cod

Case Study 4

This holiday home overlooks Cape Cod Bay in the USA. It was fitted with an IDRATEK system primarily for security and remote monitoring and control purposes, but as is common in our experience, soon expanded to include other functions.

As a holiday let it was important to our client that the property could be monitored remotely when unoccupied and also that well-controlled heating would not only provide extra efficiency and comfort during visits, but also prevent frost damage during cold winter spells. The ability to bring heating and hot water out of fallback mode remotely meant that the house was warm and welcoming for guests upon arrival — with minimal energy waste.

During the project a number of interesting additional features were integrated. Radio controlled motorised door locks operated via an IDRANet module allowed our client to unlock selected doors for guests remotely either via the Internet or his mobile phone. In addition, a watt-hour meter interfaced to an IDRANet digital input module allows easy real-time monitoring of electrical power consumption. An oil level sensor interfaced via an IDRANet analogue input module provides a linear measure of remaining fuel for the heating system and provides ample warning of the need for refill. This also offers an accurately logged measure of fuel consumption throughout the weeks.

Taking advantage of IDRANet/Cortex’s rich camera support, several cameras were installed both for internal and external views. These provide our client with visual peace of mind. However, even without the cameras, daily scheduled and event-based email/phone reports with data from security sensors, smoke and CO sensors, temperature sensors and so on will also raise any alerts should anything untoward occur.

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